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Our Products

Quality is built in to every process, as a result of our years of experience in servicing the landing gear overhaul industry. Our dedication to constant improvement in methods of manufacturing and processing orders facilitates "Just In Time" delivery to our constantly growing customer base.

Advanced Air West Palm Beach currently manufactures landing gear overhaul bushings and parts for a wide range of military and commercial aircraft ranging from the F-15 to the Boeing 747. Our experience in precision manufacturing of JIT landing gear bushings is unexcelled. We invented the concept of 24 hour turnaround for AOG situations.

We provide parts for

   Boeing Aircraft

From 707 to the newest 787 Dreamliner, Advanced Air has provided the perfect blend of fast turnaround, accuracy, and superior manufacturing technique. We manufacture landing gear bushings for the full range of Boeing Aircraft,

   Airbus Overhaul

Since its formal organization in 1970, Airbus has become a formidable competitor in the Passenger Aircraft industry. From its first A300 to today's A380s, we've been at the forefront of providing rapid turnaround bushings for Airbus aircraft.

   Military Products

We are currently manufacturing custom replacement bushings for the Defense Logistic Agency (D.L.A.) and Hill Air Force base. We currently supply bushings for the following aircraft: F15, F16, A10, B52, C5, T38, and C141.

   Specialized Bushings

With the world's most advanced CNC equipment, we can fulfill your needs for accurate, timely, and cost-efficient manufacture of specialized bushing for aircraft large and small. From large production run to one-of-a-kind parts that would simply scare our competition, Advanced Air is the supplier of choice for overhaul shops that can't afford anything less than the best.