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Reduce Cost - Improve ROI

When you switch to Advanced Air as the supplier of your bushing requirements, you can expect immediate improvements in ROI. You will experience:

  •     Elimination of raw stock inventory
  •     Maintaining a raw stock inventory is very expensive.
  •     Running out of material can cause delays in the completion of your overhaul.
  •     Elimination of pre-made bushing inventory
  •     Will effectively smooth cash disbursements.
  •     Will eliminate tax cost of having inventory.
  •     Elimination of cost to maintain manufacturing machinery
  •     Elimination of cost of tooling for machines
  •     Reduction of overhead (Machine Operators, Quality Control, Utilities)
  •     Our just in time order and delivery system reduces turn times
  •     Our next day delivery of bushings dramatically improves your performance.
  •     All paperwork is supplied by us with the delivery of your bushings.

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